• 24pcs T shape screwdriver set Batch Head Ratchet Pawl Socket Spanner hand tools

    24-pc T spanner Socket Set

    a socket set is the important tool that is used to tighten up or loosen bolts and nuts.
    you can use socket sets on various tasks such as car repair, washing machines, cupboards, plumbing work and replacement of fasteners such as nuts, bolts and torx fittings.

    Set contents
    18- surface drive socket set 10; 11; 12; 13; 14 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20; 21; 22; 23; 24; 27; 30; 32;
    1- Ratchet handle
    1- Sliding t bar
    2- Extension bar 5″””” & 10″”””
    1- Universal joint
    1- Spark plug socket 20. 6mm


    24pc Tspanner Socket set: Sockets from size 4mm upto 14mm. Screw Driving bits 3mm upto 8mm. Extension Bar & Sliding T-bar for easy operation
    One T Screwdriver Handle 9 Sockets (Sizes: 4mm – 12mm) 11 Screwdriver Bits (Sizes: 3mm 8mm) which comprise of : 3 flat(-)type screwdriver bits 3 Philips screwdriver bits(+) type 5 Torx screwdriver bits (Flower type) Professional Tool kit : Ideal for professional, home, Car & Office use Compact tool that can use for Screws & nuts both Also
    Screwdriver Socket Bit Tool Kit Set

  • Heavy Duty Industrial Cutter Knife 18mm

    heavy duty cutter ideal for thicker cuts. Can also be used for commercial or industrial purpose like cutting thick paper, cardboard, balsa wood, photos, coupons, card stocks, mat board, foam board, delicate fabrics, etc .

    Economical and Disposable Box Cutting Blades- Blade width is 18mm (1.8cm) Compact and lightweight with comfortable grip and wider retractable blade.

    Cutting with Ease: Ready to use, cut and toss or keep some around as a spare utility knife in your garage, tool kit, home and office.

    Widely Used: DIY, graphic artists/designers, students, hobbyists, office solutions, warehouse shipping, freight couriers, longshoreman.

    Main Features:

    0.4mm slim and auto-Lock design

    Angle snap-off blades

    Easy to replace blades

    Value set for crafting, scrap-booking and arts basic for cutting paper,box,cardboard,etc.


    Color: Blue & Red

    Blade material: SK5

    Blade size: 110mm

    Blade thickness:0.4mm

    Product size:175*45*15mm

    Product material:Rubber handle

    Weight: 80g

  • Fibreglass Nail Hammer(450 GMS / 13″)

    Hammer is a shape and size ideal for light duty tasks, carpentry or driving in nails. The curved claws provide better leverage to draw out nails with relative ease, while its Indestructible Fiberglass handle offers extra stability. It is of a durable construction to support regular use and get the job done powerfully. This hand tool is designed using quality materials for a quicker and better workmanship.

    Built For Power

    Made using tough quality solid steel, the hammer head has been hardened to deliver a good striking force and maximize efficiency.

    Balanced Weight

    It features a well-weighted head of 450 gm to facilitate the right balance. This improves its performance and gives you optimum control over each swing.

    Firm Grip

    The hammer is 350mm / 13″” in length. Fitted with a indestructible fibre glass handle and thermoplastic rubber grip, it is well-engineered to reduce vibrations during impact.

    Curled claw end-sometimes pulling out tough nails can be difficult, but with our uniquely designed hammer that features a curled claw end, pulling out tough nails is now quick and easier than ever

    Anti-slip:åÊour mini hammer has been ergonomically designed with anti-slip handle that makes handling easy while ensuring the hammer doesn’t slip off during operation

  • Carpenter Mini Claw Hammer

    Material Type(s):45# steel & plastic

    Color•__Random ColoråÊ

    Item Weight:0.6kg

    Item Size: 16*11*2.5cm

    Package Includes:Claw hammer X 1åÊ

    Carpenter Mini Claw Hammer

  • Metal Glass Cutter, Gold

    It is the standard of the stained glass and glazing industry. It features a precision-ground carbide cutting wheel in a replaceable Cutting Head. Known for its long wheel life, this cutter was built to last, and make the cleanest scores in glass cutting today.

    The brass handle acts as a reservoir and designed for longevity. Wheel hone angle is 140 degrees. This cutter fits conveniently in your pouch for use around the shop or in the field. The narrow head is prized by art glass craftsman to make intricate scores while doing pattern work. The wide head is designed for straight line production cutting.


    1.Applied to cutting stained glass and other craft and household uses.
    2.With antislip handle, for safety and comfortable grip
    3.Glass cutting head is replaceable and can 360-degree rotate
    4.Mini size,easy to carry around
    5.An ideal tool for household and cutting work


    1.Product Material: Metal head and handle, carbide wheel blade
    2.Size: 18 x 4 x 4 cmåÊ
    3.Product weight: 89g
    4.Color: As shown in the picture


    1.Glass cutter can not be used to cut high hardness objects, such as toughened glass, vitrified brick, marble, quartz and so on.
    2.Need to operated on a flat surface or on a desktop.It’s better to try this a couple of times on a scrap piece of glass for practice.
    3.Please remember to wear eye and hand protection when use this glass cutting tools.
    4.Oil is not include.

    Package includes: 1 x Glass Cutter

    Metal Glass Cutter, Gold

  • Metal Glass Cutter

    Material: MetalColor: Multicolor
    Package Contents: 1-Piece Glass Cutter
    Robust design
    Non corrosive

    Metal Glass Cutter

  • Mini Bolt Cutter Wire Breaking Plier

    Mini Bolt and Wire Cutter

    Cut bolts, chains, threaded rods, and wires up to 3/16-inch.

    * Compound Hinge

    Compound cutting action and drop forged hardened alloy steel jaws deliver * superior cutting power.

    * Comfortable Grips

    Strong, high-leverage tubular steel handles won’t twist or give under load. Soft rubber grips offer non-slip comfort.

    * Clamp head through high frequency quenching, labor-saving design can easily broken 3mm nails.

    * The handle of the new material production of non-toxic no smell, feel comfortable.

    * Durable, clamp head surface blackening treatment, not easy to rust

  • Quick Snap N Grip

    Set 2Pcs Multi-Function Universal Quick Snap N Grip Adjustable Wrench Spanner Set (Red & Black, 2pcs)
    Overall heat treatment, chrome plated surface treatment, beautiful and durable
    Automatically fits to the size and shape of nuts and bolts
    Instant solution to your problems with taps, valves, pipes and piping, radiators boilers, wheels, etc.
    Lightweight and self-adjusting easily fits to all the bolts ranging from 9mm to 32mm

    Quick Snap N Grip

  • PVC Pipe Cutter (Pipe and Tubing Cutter Tool)

    Tube Cutter

    Tube Cutter is ideal for use on a variety of plastic pipe and tube. It is an awesome tool. It is an essential cutting tool for your home handy man, plumbers, electricians, and vehicle mechanics. The cutter is commonly used for cutting most kinds of plastic (PVC, CPVC, PP, PEX, PE, rubber hose) and multilayer tubing.


    Home & Professional Usage
    Easy to Carry
    Heavy Duty PVC Pipe Cutter
    Stainless Steel Blades
    Easy operation

  • 3 Bubble Mini Pocket Portable Level Ruler Torpedo

    3 Bubble Mini Pocket Portable Level Ruler Torpedo
    Features :
    Powerful magnetic strip hold firmly to iron and steel surfaces
    Top read level window simplifies viewing in tight areas
    Hang shelves and cabinets, tiles and picture frames with accuracy
    Projects dot, horizontal or vertical lines, and crosshairs
    Three acrylic vials – plumb, level, and 45 degree provide the necessary jobsite measurements
    High impact plastic shell, durable and lightweight
    V-groove for leveling pipe and conduit

    Specifications :
    Shell Material: ABSPlastic
    Color: Multicolour
    Package :
    1 x Magnetic Torpedo Level

  • Flex Tape

    Name: Repair tape
    Material: PVC
    Size: length 1.52M, width 10CM.
    Net weight 100g
    Application: all kinds of daily necessities and household items such as water pipes
    Use methods and steps
    Cutting: Cut to the desired size.
    Paste: Remove the backing sticker and stick to the clean surface.
    Squeeze: Remove all blisters or bubbles.
    Seal: It should be noted that, once pasted, it can not be re-positioning, so be careful

    Flex Tape

  • Square Head Professional Render Plastering Trowel, Smooth Trowel 14 Inch

    Construction Purpose Square Edges Carbon Steel Bricklaying Trowel, karni with Soft Grip Handle (Masonary Trowel)

    Size – 14 inch

    Model – 7509_RH

    A trowel is a small hand tool used for digging, applying, smoothing, or moving small amounts of viscous or particulate material. Common varieties include the masonry trowel, garden trowel, and float trowel.

    Bricklayer’s trowel has an elongated triangular-shaped flat metal blade, used by masons for leveling, spreading, and shaping cement, plaster, and mortar.

    Numerous forms of trowel are used in masonry, concrete, and drywall construction, as well as applying adhesives such as those used in tiling and laying synthetic flooring. Masonry trowels are traditionally made of forged carbon steel

    What is a Brick Trowel?
    A brick trowel is a tool used by bricklayers to spread or smooth out materials such as concrete or plaster during the bricklaying process. The tool usually features a flat, steel blade that is pointed at the end, as well as a wooden handle that is attached to the blade by a vertical metal arm. The brick trowel is used most often to spread materials, but it can also be used to pack materials in between bricks, or in some cases to break bricks into smaller pieces, though other tools are more efficient at this task.

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