• Yellow Plastic Hard Hat Construction Cap (1Pc Only)

    Industrial Safety Helmet with Hat and Ratchet for Construction and Industrial Insulation Work Wear

    Comfortable Fit
    The ventilation ports enhance airflow and reduce heat to keep your head cool, the full visor helps reduce glare from the sun, the washable sweatband keeps perspiration from dripping. Integral rain channel prevents falling of water on neck Optimum Peak provided protection against sun and rain yet allows unobstructed view.

    Nape type Adjustment System
    Comes with Nape type adjustment to suit most head sizes, head band is made of non-irritant and soft fabric to provide maximum comfort to the user.

    Free Size Helmets
    Suits both men and women, and can be personalized with accessories or company stickers. Compatible with other PPE including safety goggles, glasses, ear muffs and masks.


    – Put the safety helmet upside down with the front peak facing away from you.

    – adjust safety helmet to make It fit. for example, you can tight the suspension If you have a smaller size or loose them If larger room is needed.

    – If you are always work above the ground, or at windy environments, then chin straps are needed to be fastened to the safety helmets to make sure that the helmet will not fall off.
    Install the head band. normally, there are four self-locking clips for fastening the headband to the assigned slots of safety helmets. Install them in the right way and ensure them are aligned in the center of your safety helmet.

    – pull the suspension system out of the safety helmet to check and make sure that no webbing is wrapping around the headband. ensure that the adjustable Nape or tab is in the opposite direction of the front peak – that is the back of the safety helmet.

  • Silicone Carbide Combination Stone Knife Sharpener for Both Knives and Tools

    Sharpens stainless steel, carbon steel and much more. Excellent for a variety of knives and tools. It produces strong, keen, long-lasting edges on quality tools
    Combination oilstone has 100 grit on one face for repairing steel cutting edges and 320 grit on the opposite face for sharpening and maintaining them
    Aluminum oxide produces durable, smooth-cutting edges, and is preferred for close tolerances
    This oilstone is used to restore cutting edges on straight-edged tools, such as chisels, knives, plane blades, and precision instruments. The stone is prefilled with oil to save time and eliminate the need to presoak it prior to use
    Sharpen your own knives and get more control – a sharp knife is predictable – it do not slip when it is drawn over the foods surface – it is easy to control – a sharp knife make a nice clean cut – delicate ingredients look a lot fresher for a longer time if they have been sliced through cleanly – preparing food is faster and more fun with a sharp knife – a dull knife slow you down and easily spoil the food

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